How to buy a commercial fridge?

Shopping at Commercial Fridge Supply UK is very simple and absolutely safe. In fact, it's one of the safest online shops ever made and our customers don't even need to get out their credit cards.

This is because we don't process any payments on this site. To complete the purchase of the equipment you have chosen for your new or existing business, you only need to submit your shopping cart to us for free. It's a checkout process as in any other online shop with the single difference of we just don't do any transactions at this point and we will not put any "buy now" pressure on you. If you are not ready to buy right now or pop in just to browse we trust you will come back to us later when the time is right for you.

Once your free checkout is complete, you will receive two emails. One e-mail from the shop and the other one from one of our team to let you know our banking details and confirm we are all set and ready for your delivery.

You can also choose to finance your purchase at the checkout. If this is what you need don't worry you cannot miss this option in the checkout. If you tick the finance checkbox we will only collect a little more information for the finance application

We will email your order confirmation back to You for a final check-up. Our banking details with the payment instructions will be included. Then at your convenience, you can make the bank transfer and let us when payment once payment is made. Please always use the ORDER ID number as a payment reference. You can find it on the left top section of the email. The accounts will check the payment against your ORDER ID number and if everything checks out your order will be processed.

What to consider buying a new fridge/freezer?

Choosing and sizing your equipment correctly can be very tricky.

In general, we supply 3 types of units:

1. Display fridge- Any fridge (Counter, upright, chest and ice cream freezers) with glass doors or without doors.

2. Preparation fridge - Pizza and salad fridges, topping units,

3. Storage fridge- Any fridge or freezer with the solid door.

4. Process fridge - prover, blast chillers.

Climate class

Climate class is to describe the ambient temperature range at with the equipment to be used.

Subnormal or SN: ambient temperature range from +10°C up to +32°C

Normal or N: ambient temperature range from +16°C up to +32°C

Subtropical or ST: ambient temperature range from +18°C up to +38°C

Tropical or T: ambient temperature range from +18°C up to +43°C 

Spare parts

Spare parts usually vary to a great extent between one brand and another brand, from one model number to another model number and even to a serial number. Some parts are interchangeable and some parts are generic.

Ask your supplier to explain the process of the spare part delivery. It is often the case the customer needs to arrange a service provider at your own cost. This service provider generates then a service report that you would need to send over to your supplier to get a refund for the part if possible or get the part to be sent out to you depending on the outcome of the service. If the part is delivered to you, you would need to arrange a service provider at your own cost to fit the part.

In a rare event of the equipment failure, CFS UK will dispatch an engineer anywhere in and around the London area for a reduced fee of 50 GBP each visit, spare parts are provided free of charge.

If you buying a fridge with a door/s you may want to know the cost of the door gasket upfront. It is because over the next 15 years of service your fridge is likely to go through 15 sets of door gaskets.
There is a huge difference in the cost of a gasket, it can vary from 40 to 100 pound each depending on the manufacturer. If it is a two-door fridge you would use 30 gaskets and if it is a three-door you would need 45 gaskets in total.

CFS UK supplies door gaskets at a low cost.

Fridge duty

Light duty

Usually static cooling, the condenser is not fan assisted. The internal lining is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene that will scratch and crack over time. Designed for light use and storage and not to be worked or served out of. Often fitted with a mechanical thermostat. Easy to use and likely to be maintenance free. 

Heavy duty

Fan assisted cooling coil and condenser, stainless steel throughout, designed for a frequent opening of the doors and can recover temperature rapidly. Equipped with a digital controller and castors. Fully automatic, Requires maintenance.


Warranty definitions may vary from supplier to supplier. There are a few types of warranties available:

No warranty - noting is provided

Parts warranty - a part will be supplied to you provided you can prove the part is faulty.

Parts and labour warranty - someone will attend to fit diagnose and rectify any faults.

Fridge position

Refrigeration equipment should not be located next to the heat emitting devices and where the sun shines directly on the equipment.